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Hello All,
I have mostly basic routines. A good night routine that shuts off my living room lights, and a fan and my night light, and then a good morning routine that turns those lights on.
The other night I accidentally hit my Apple Sleep routine for my alarm clock, which then turn on a HE virtual switch. That virtual switch called good night, starts a routine called good night, and shuts my lights off. Simple enough. But I wasn't quite ready for sleep time yet so I ended that sleep routine in the apple sleep app by scrolling up, which then turns on a switch called wake up, which is a HE virtual switch. Usually works well except it is designed to slowly ramp up illumination from 1-100 over the course of 10 minutes, lol.
I needed light by my bed right then which is why I was trying to stop all of this, no matter what I hit, the light to come on full bright the routine would ramp it back to the spot it was during the ramp up.
So my question is what do I need to build in to cancel a routine, once it's underway.

Good night.....

and Wake up

Thanks for the help...

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Try setting something in “Use Required Expression”. That could be a “Cancel” switch as an example.

Set the “User Required Expression” to require the “Cancel” switch to be on the off position, and within “Use Required Expression”, set the option to cancel the actions. Not sure it will stop a “over 10 minutes” command, but worth a try!

Since your automation(s) largely involve switches and lights, give some thought to moving the bulk of it over to Room Lighting, which lends itself to the concepts of "On" and "Off" (as opposed to RM's "Run" and "Cancel").

One benefit of this is that the RL automation's Activator (a switch device in its own right) can then be exposed to your GA or Alexa ecosystem for toggling On or Off either via voice command or preset Routine.

Just something to consider.

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A couple of somewhat unrelated points:

I don't think you need the IF-THEN conditionals in each rule, those are already true by the fact that the trigger event occurs.

You could actually transfer from using a switch to using a button, if all you are using the switches for us to trigger these rules, and you don't need to know any on/off state information. Or you could look at RL like @DubbyDad suggested.

I'd look at whether you can make the action to raise the lights cancellable, like @Sebastien mentioned. Then see if you can cancel it from another rule that sets the lights to your desired state.

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Thanks for replies. I was reading a bit today on Room Lighting, and looks like lots of customization and options to integrate. Lots of reading but slightly overwhelmed so I'll dive further into Room Lighting on my next days off.


I am not an expert at this, but I obviously don't understand RL and activate/activation principles.
I tried to replace my Rule Machine rules of lighting with RL and I bombed.

For instance, my sunset lighting RL setup.

Now, the only light I want to run all night, and turn off at sunrise is front porch light.

So I will go into the Bedroom/Lazyboy/Livingroom light in a minute but my porch light, stays on all day and all night, so whatever I've done isn't working.

Now the lazyboy light. To turn off I created this.

and the livingroom/bedroom light I created this.

The premise is, I want those interior lights to shut off at 12:30 and 1am, really more for when I'm not home. I want those lights to shut off immediatley when goodnight switch is turned on, meaning I'm going to sleep at roughly 10, and I don't want those lights staying on til 1230 and 1am.

So my good night switch RM rule is suppose to shut those lights off when ever it comes on.

So goodnight doesn't work on these RL rules I created, so the lights will run until their full 1230 and 1am. So for now all of the RL rules I created don't work as intended. Do you see anything that jumps out because I've paused all those RL rules currently and gone back to my RM rules since they actually work, I just thought I would simplify some things.
Thank You for any assistance.

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