Cancelling a light switch shut off and turning off smart bulbs


I installed a ZWave light switch but I also have smart bulbs. Is it possible to cancel the action of turning off the light switch and instead just turn off the lights (the bulbs will still remain powered)?

Pushing the button turns off the lights and so they no longer are part of the zigbee mesh. So if I push the button and the lights are off, I want to power on the lights and when the lights are on, I want to power the lights off without killing the power to them. Thanks!

A couple of options - some zwave switches (zooz and innoveli red series, to name a couple) have "smart bulb mode" which disables the switch from toggling the physical relay, so that the power remains on, regardless of the switch reporting value. Then use events from the switch to toggle your bulbs.

The alternative is to hardwire your lights circuit so that it is always on, and likewise use the events from your switch to toggle the smart bulbs.

If the switch relay is locally controlling power, then it will have toggled off -- before you can catch/interrupt it. Trying to "catch" and toggle on the hub side, and properly keep states in sync, is a bit of a complex logic option compared with the two suggestions above.

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I'll have to confirm but I believe my switch is an Eaton RF9601DW. I saw this in one of the specs for it:

  • Configurable power ON state

Hopefully that is something similar to what you mean by "smart bulb mode"?

It doesn't have the feature.

Closest you can get would be setting up a rule to turn the switch back on if turned off.

And then I'd have to turn the lights off again, right? As soon as the switch turns on the lights turn on.

Sort of. You're not going to be able to control the light bulb with the switch. You'll have to swap the switch out for one with the option to disable the paddle like @dkilgore90 mentioned.

With the switch you have, you either have to handle on/off control with the switch or turn the light on/off digitally (like using a dashboard tile, the device page directly in HE, Google, Alexa, etc.).

Ok, thanks.