Cancel rule timers of a different button

I have a button that follows a few wait for event actions.

I would like to set a rule using rule machine that will detect if any other button in the house on any device will cancel the wait for event actions of the other switch.

How can I do this?
When I select run/cancel/pause rules I cannot select the other button.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest including screenshot(s) of your existing rules / automations you have setup, including details relating to the app they have been configured with.

The likely answer to your question will be you need / want a rule or automation that is triggered by any of the buttons in your house that then cancels the RM rule you have configured.

Was the button setup in Button Controller? Rule Machine cannot select Button Controller setups.

Thats the reason. I just changed the wait for event to be on Rule Machine and now I have the ability to cancel it.