Cancel HSM Siren after 3-minutes

Is it possible to turn off the HSM siren after 3-minutes and maintain HSM in armed condition? If so how?

For example ...
If there is a break-in, I would like the system to trigger the alarm siren.
But if I am away, hiking out of range of a cell tower (so no notifications), I don't want the neighbors to have to listen to my siren going for hours until I can cancel it. They own AR-15s and might decide to shoot my siren!

What I would like is to do is automatically disable the siren (after 3-minutes) while maintaining the alarm system in the armed condition, potentially with the open trigger circuit still open.

This is how my old DSC alarm worked.

Use an RM Rule triggered by the HSM Alert, and have it turn off the siren after 3 minutes.

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