Cancel HSM Alert

So, I came from ST awhile back. I set up HSM for water, battery, and smoke alerts.
I set a virtual button to cancel alarms, in the event one triggers.

Depending on the the type of alarm that is triggers, lets say water leak, certain lights return on and turn blue. Now back in ST, when you canceled, the lights would return to the previous state. In HE, they just stay on.

IF you canceling alert, then why doesn't it actually cancel?

I just tested this and when I pressed on the « Cancel All Alerts » button from the HSM dashboard, or when I setup a button to cancel alerts, the light turned off.

I wonder if the issue might not rather be with the signal not getting to the bulb? I have seen this happen more than once myself - too many signals going to too many devices when arming or disarming, and some of them just don’t reach the device.

Not sure- ITs been like this for awhile- I have Hue groups set, when I push the virtual button to cancel alerts, it doesn't turn lights off- I set up Rules to do this, while disarming the HSM, and the rules work accordingly.

I may need to ensure all rules are disabled, for the alarm, and test again...

Honestly, I can get into more detail using the Rule Machine. So it may be a MOOT issue.
Do you see any reason the HSM should be used over Rules?

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If RM works for you, I see no reason not to use it. It is much more versatile but more complex, which can be good. I use RM for a lot of my automations for this reason.

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