Cancel Away Mode

Is there a way to use rule machine to cancel away mode and return the the appropriate mode for time of day? I have a rule to make lights come on and door to unlock when I turn on a virtual switch. I would also like Away mode to end and return to evening or night mode. I can only see the option to change to a specific mode.

There is if you're using Mode Manager. Mode Manager has an option to use the time-based settings for "return from away," so it will basically work through the logic of your configuration and, upon return, set the mode to whatever it should have been had you not gone away. You can configure which modes count as "away," I think (I have not actually tested that part).

If you're using Rule Machine or a custom app, you can certainly do something as well. But you'll have to implement the logic to perform the desired actions yourself. :slight_smile: That's about all that can be said based on the limited information in your post, so if this isn't clear, you'll need to share more details about how you have mode working in the first place right now--like what app (or rule?) you're using to automate it.

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Thank you, I see the option to set return from Away in mode manager.

Is this working for you? I am trying different settings in the mode manager, so far without success. It does switch into "Away" mode if no-one is here, but it has trouble switching out of Away mode. And sometimes switches to Away mode even though we are home.
The presence sensors are reporting correctly.

Shouldn't this work?

Mine works fine, I have fewer modes than you, but they are not much different. I am using life360 for presence sensors. Have you looked into the logs to see if events are happening at the correct times?

Good idea, I have not looked at the logs. I am using Life360 as well. It seems to be fairly true as presence changes pretty quickly when someone enters or leaves the "fence". I also have a voice announce as each of us arrive or are soon to arrive. Perhaps it was a fluke, or something I did, or didn't do (I'm sure). It is reassuring to know and see someone else's that matches. It has only happened two or three times and if I recall seems to be connected to the same one person. I notice when, first thing in the morning, I walk in a room and the light doesn't come on and I wonder ? what happened?, ?why isn't this working? Then I look and find the hub is in "Away" mode. The day and evening before, one person was out all day arriving home in the middle of the night. The other three were here all day. Why did it go to "Away" mode??? it was odd. So, I am checking to be sure I set this up correctly to start with. I rebuilt the mode settings, and we'll see if it happens again.

I see you have a "set mode with switches". Do I need to add some virtual or physical trigger for it to resume "normal" mode, or should it resume when presence detectors report any of us are home?

Thank you for sharing and helping.

The virtual switch is for an additional routine I have. I occasionally use the switch at night to cancel away mode, turn on some lights and unlock my door. It is not needed for exiting away mode. I have only been using the switch for a couple of weeks. Mode manager has been working for me for months without it.

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