Canada Taxes and Duty

Good idea using FlexDelivery. I see there is a seller on Amazon but the markup is quite high. It doesn't seem like they are an official reseller.

Well if usmca comes into play, then electronics can cross at a much higher cost then today. Well $150.

I think today is anything over $20 they will ding you for.

Unless something is changed, you shouldn’t have to pay tax. I’ve had two HE hubs delivered to Toronto in the past (the last was a year ago), and no duty was charged.

I’ve had a few under $20 that got ding’d recently.

If there is a new hub coming (c5) you are welcome to buy that, send it to me and I’ll legitimately send my used hub in in return to Canada!

Everything that I got shipped with USPS didn't get duties on them. I always use FlexDelivery. Do they get cleared differently?

AJoYUL - I think that is the big key. Items coming in USPS and thus Canada Post don't get hit with the 'customs clearance fee' like UPS ,FEDEX or Purolator. Many don't realize, this isn't Tax.. it is the carries special fee for clearing customs on your behalf.

If the declarations from the shipper are listed at the same value then taxes should be the same.. but often I have seen some declare in USD - interpreted as CAD and taxed (getting lower rate), and some declare in CAD, interpreted as USD and then exchanged again (getting higher rate). That is where the variablity can enter.

Hopefully this goes into effect before Christmas as indicated.

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I received mine last week and had to pay $26 in duty/taxes at the door from Canada Post

Which Province?

So having started this thread 50 posts ago, I just put my unopened Smart Things hub up for sale and if it sells will take a risk and order a Hubitat. It's just too much of an upgrade to pass up!

Our house extension is nearly finished (over 6 months late...) so actually need it now.


I have done this already for a fellow canuck. I pulled it out of the packaging and stuffed it into a padded USPS envelope and sent it registered mail. End user wasn't charged a dime for import.


New Brunswick

That's a "Down East" tax :wink:

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Lol! All I can think of is Donald Trump's rant on Candians scuffing up new running shoes and bringing them over to Canada.

!!! LOL what's funny is the taxes go to the Canada when travelling back over. It never affected the US at all! If anything it made them a sale.

Anyways, lol. This just reminded me of his speech/rant on Canada.

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Incorrect. CanadaPost charges a $9.95 handling fee for customs clearance: Customs Requirements | Canada Post

This used to be $5, but went up in the last two-three years.

I have seen it waived if CBSA doesn't want any monies, but the moment there's a GST/HST/PST/Duty charge, CanadaPost wants their money for sure.

If it is a "gift" from a friend/relative, valued (declared, and reasonably believable) at less than CA$60, then it is duty/tax free. It doesn't have to be "used" -- it just can't come from a business. If you need it to appear cheaper, then "used" helps.

Bought mine a few months ago and did not get hit with any brokerage fees, I just paid the price for the unit itself and shipping.

I frequently ship from US Amazon and pay very little crossing the border other than a bit of Canadian taxes and maybe duty. I steadfastly avoid anything resembling a courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) when crossing the border because they charge $30+ just to cross the border even when the package is otherwise duty-free and tax-free. And that is on top of charging the shipper a similar fee for "world wide delivery."

Another option is to packages shipped to the border if you're close enough to go and pick it Up. When I was in Vancouver, that meant to Blaine Washington where "Hagens of Blaine" would accept it and hold it till I could make it over on the weekend. Depending on the random orientation of stars, you often don't pay duty or taxes bringing your packages across the border; Hagens only charges something like $3.00 USD for its part in the transaction.

Now, I live in Victoria and I generally use Seawings Express to receive in Blaine and bring it to the Victoria Airport for about $20 USD, and I clear customs myself in the Airport Terminal in about 10 minutes -- mostly without any additional charges. That's faster than either line or the border interview at the Blaine Crossing, and still cheaper than any Courier. Oh, and I've never missed getting to the Airport, but couriers always take time to track down and get my parcels.

US Amazon gets interesting because its always cheaper in the US (even after conversions), and I frequently get free shipping other than my broker's $20 to cross the water. In Canada, I use Prime for faster, pre-paid shipping, but its still often more than $20 more expensive. For example, my recent Hubitat Elevation was about $75 USD ($96 CAD) + $10 CAD taxes; Canadian Amazon says its about $185 CAD + taxes on the larger amount.

"Amerifriends" are good, but there are businesses that grease the border crossings, too. I've known many people with an American PO Box (which is cheap, but not always easy to get) or General Deliver to a Post Office. Not all businesses like them, but no where near a majority -- and oddly enough, it usually those same courier companies involved. I know one vendor that refuses to ship to my US drop-point because they use UPS who don't like dropping there.


I stand corrected... Thanks.

I guess I never looked at the actual breakdown and assumed it was all Taxes/Duty... Just knew that USPS/CP was the cheapest option... after having some sticker shock with UPS in particular.

Quebec (canada) here.

USPS/CP is the most satisfactory solution for me:

  • From China IAliexpress, etc): 99.9% of products are delivered without extra fees if you don't use DHL/UPS/etc. Fast shipping for small items (15 days Aliexpress Standard Shipping or EMS e-packet): no extra fees.

  • From Ebay (USA),
    for small items: USPS, no fees
    for big items, there is a unavoidable extra fees for delivery and taxes, all managed by Pitney-Bowes. Never had an extra and I received very very big/heavy packages without troubles (except comments from the postman :man_shrugging:)

  • From Amazon. Sometimes Amazon Canada is better, sometimes not. The prices are not oblgatory related (change). Sometimes Amazon Canada won't charges taxes, sometimes 2 taxes (Qc), sometimes just only one.
    Hubitat: ordered 2 hubs, always received through USPS/CP without extra fees
    Smartesthouse: ordered 3x: CP delivery, no extra fees
    In General: small packages from USA, though USPS: no extra fees (except if you're picked randomly by customs)
    UPS (even ground) from USA: avoid at any cost
    DHL: always extra fees, but less than UPS
    Fedex: if you're obliged by the seller...

Managed to sell my SmartThings hub today, so going to take a chance and order Hubitat on Black Friday (guessing some deals!). Fingers crossed on no fees or duty.

It's this community that sold me on Hubitat even more than the tech, so thanks to all!

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