Canada Taxes and Duty

Fellow Canadians: what was your experience with shipping/duty costs and which option did you choose?

Hubitat has no choice for pre-paid brokerage, and having been hit hard before I'm hesitant to take the risk. Taxes, duties, brokerage and card fees could easily take the cost up to $200 CAD.

Mine just got released from customs yesterday. Its in Richmond so I usually get mail with 1 day from there so I hope to see it soon and will update here what I end up getting charged at door.

Though tracking update today looks like I might be delayed,

2019/02/04 09:18 VANCOUVER, BC Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay

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Thanks AaronJ, will look forward to update. We are in Kimberley and packages take 2-21 days from Richmond........ Completely random!

I paid 89.95 USD with 16.00 USD shipping, I have not received my Hubitat yet but when checked tracking this morning,

" The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has determined that you’ll need to pay duty and/or taxes when you receive your item. It will be delivered with a CBSA Postal Import Form detailing the duty, taxes, and handling fee owed.

Amount owed: $24.23 CAD"

I will confirm when I actually pay but if accurate.....

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So around $165 CAD all in compared to $70ish for my STv3, tough decision. $25 in taxes and fees isn't that bad though. Thanks Aaron

I was charged 30cdn at the border.

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Just a suggestion:

  • send to a US resident (** requires some trust by both parties!)
  • open package up, make it looked used
  • re-send to Canada as used, for parts item; declared value $10 via USPS; it is legitimately used now, so no fibbin'
  • 75% chance of getting through with no charges, otherwise there will be a approx. $5 customs fee
  • buy US resident a few beers as a thank-you

Just saying :wink:


As we say an "Amerifriend" lol.

Though in this case margins make it barely worth it once one pays second shipping insured or uninsured and beer for friend plus time delay...

Yes some great traction often doing Amerifriend or even have used re-ship services in the past as well.

No tracking update on my Hubitat, been 32 hours since last update when they "re-routed due to processing error", possible delay.... more like confirmed delay :grinning:

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Do the units purchased via face the same customs issues?

I (An American) buy stuff that ships international all the time from Amazon and I've never had anything held up at customs or had to pay any extra fees, etc. Maybe Canadian Customs is stricter?

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It's ironic, I used to order internationally all the time to the UK, but now living in Canada brokerage fees kill most purchases. Often $40 for processing plus taxes, duty and card fees and you never know when it will kick in.

Many stores , including Amazon offer fully prepaid services so no scares.

Was having the same concern with smart switches, but Inovelli started selling direct through so that helped clinch the deal for them.

UPDATE: Bobby responded to my email and suggested a typical total shipping cost is $70. So my estimate of over $200 cad in total was low!

Hubitat needs to find a better shipper with prepaid options.

We want to establish a Canadian distribution capability. This international shipping is awful. Too expensive, takes too long, gets snagged by customs, etc. Canada will be the first one, then UK/EU, and then Austrailia.

9 Likes is the way to go for Canada.


Yep, Amazon takes a cut but is becoming a defacto destination for specialty shopping in Canada.

With the C5 units on their way, maybe divert a few to hear for us! Please ...

Have some family and friends here in Canada that like the Hubitat idea but exchange plus shipping kill it, Canadian store or would be great (though shame I missed it :smile: ).


I have never had a problem with USPS shipping in the bags that they use.
I live near a large city (with a super mailbox), and it's never been stopped to pay duties, customs etc.

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My hub just showed up in Ottawa and the notice says that I owe $25.71. That seems high since there is no duty on computers. (which the hub basically is)
Maybe because this is the hub that went from Arizona to LA to Germany to Czech Republic to Canada :slight_smile:

Update: Just got it. So the $25.71 was tax + $10 handling.

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Was delivered to my address in Winnipeg. No customs or duty fees charged.

Definitely sticter!!! LOL. Americans call their border services "Homeland Security", Canadians call it "Canadian Customs". The respective focus of the border agents are reflective in the very names that are used to describe their jobs. LOL

Man, this seems crazy way to buy anything, no knowing the price before you actually purchase if something shows up and you owe more than you expect and say sorry I don't have enough.....what do they do return to sender?

There is no rhyme or reason as to what they stop and assess customs fees on. I have found that they rarely interdict USPS, and always charge on UPS shipments.
If you happen to live near the border, I heartily recommend