Can you use Sonoff S40/S40 LITE devices with Hubitat?

I currently use a bunch of Sonoff S31 Lite controllers, but want to switch to the new S40s. The Hubitat documentation that lists the compatible devices does not show these. Will the S40s be compatible?

I tried to use the s40 lite but had lots of issues. I added 4 and they would work for a while and then stop responding and have to be physically turned on to control them and some of my other zigbee devices would not longer work. Tried changing zigbee channels and no luck. I put them on ST and they work fine. I ordered these to try and see if they work instead
Also you can look at this thread, looks like others have had better luck.
DEAL: SONOFF S40 Lite 15A Zigbee smart plug - Anyone use these? - #10 by garyjmilne

Plus 1 for Third Reality. Love that company, no fuss no muss. Straight up ZigBee 3.0 with no Shenanigans.


They work using the built-in ZigBee Outlet Driver (which needed to be manually selected when pairing).

Strange intermittent indicator flashing but always seem to respond to on/off/refresh commands.

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