Can you use Hue Zones/Rooms as a switch in Rules 4.0?

I was trying to set a rule that would say anytime the lights came on in my guest bath (Hue Lights using Hue Sensor) that my zwave guest bath fan would turn on.

But it seems like the Hue Lights are not triggering an event it can recognize. I can however control the Guest Bath Lights in Devices in my HE by clicking on and off.

Thanks in advance for any guidance

Any changes made to your Hue lights via another system (independent of Hubitat) will not instantly update in HE because of the way that Hue controls lights. Hubitat has to poll Hue occasionally to get those updates. I believe the default time is 1 minute but can be reduced at the expense of Hub performance. Rather than have your hue sensor paired directly to your lights, why not pair the sensor to Hubitat and then control the lights via hubitat instead?

Thanks I'll give it a try on that room, but I did like the dim late night feature .. but I guess I could make another rule for that too.

Interesting as I can't get it to trigger unless I turn it on and off through devices in HE. If I use the Hue App to turn on the lights, the fan never turns on.

In RM you can set dimmer level based on mode in one command. Makes it a lot easier. In my bathroom, when in sleeping mode it only dims to 2% and 50% in night mode and 100% in day mode.