Can you share Hubitat Dashboard’s between hubs?

Hi all, Is it possible to share Hubitat Dashboard’s between hubs without using hub mesh to share the devices and then recreate the entire Dashboard?

The reason I’d like to do this is, my secondary hub manages my solar and battery system, which are very high traffic integrations (intentionally). And it’d be great if there were some way to share my power Dashboard with my primary hub so I don’t need to switch hubs to view it.

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No. But keep in mind they are just URLs (either the local or cloud URL) and can be accessed in any browser on any device. You don't need the mobile app or "access" to a specific hub to do this -- if nothing else, maybe a link tile on Hubitat Dashboard would work for your case?


I’ve kind of done that already, but made the URL into a mobile app bookmark. I was just hoping there was a more seamless option that I wasn’t aware of.