Can you restart an installed app {External to its code} (Not rebooting)?

Is there a way to restart an installed application without rebooting the hub or altering the applications code.

In short I would either like to create a button or timed rule to restart a single application without rebooting the entire hub,

I'm asking because I have an app (echo speaks) that appears to crash daily and the only temporary fix I have to date is resetting the hub. Because I don't have a fix for this I need to figure out a temporary work around.

I would suggest you take this up with the app author. In general, apps should never crash. For most apps, crashing is a temporary condition, but it depends on how it is setup. If the crash leaves the app in a corrupted state, you should be able to get it going again by opening it and hitting Done.

For help specific to Echo Speaks, I recommend posting in the following thread, as other users familiar with the app may be able to help:

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