Can you pass a variable to a rule via cloud end point?

I want to set a variable in my rule when I call the rule via cloud endpoint. I’ve searched the forum but I’ve not found my answer. ( I’ll be the first to admit that my search skills often fail me or I just don’t know the key words I need to search for )

I did find a doc that shows how to update global variables, but I don’t need a global variable, I just want to pass a value to a rule that no other rule has access to.

Is this type of thing possible and how can I achieve it?

See this: Rule Machine API

It is also possible to put a value in the URL that will end up in %value% within the rule.

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This is the thread I read initially, but all I am seeing is hubVariable and globalVariable. I didn’t read the whole thread and searching for "value" returns a ton of results in the thread. Am I totally missing the area you’re referring to?

Your just stick the value after /trigger/ and before the ?. That ends up in %value% (assuming it's not one of the commands described in that API post.

Experimentation is called for.