Can you "migrate" a C7 Hub to a C5?

Not that I am going to but just curious if it's possible to "migrate" a C7 setup to a C5, possibly as a "in case of crash" backup Hub?

Sort of. You can restore a backup from your C-5 to your C-7, but the one you can get yourself from Settings doesn't include the contents of your Z-Wave radio, so you'll have to re-pair Z-Wave devices and swap them out in apps on the "new" hub. The backup will also not change the Zigbee PAN ID of your new hub to match the old one (this is apparently not possible with the software they are using), which most (all?) paired devices depend on, so you'll have to re-pair Zigbee devices, too. But unlike Z-Wave, those will be recognized by the hub as the same device and fall back into place. You can save yourself the Z-Wave trouble with a Hub Protection Service subscription, though you'll have the (more easily solved) Zigbee issue either way.

The backup does include the device list (just not the pairings per se), apps, and other hub settings (e.g., location and modes). Neither option above gives you a true hot spare, but either may be close enough depending on the types of devices you have and how much effort you'd be willing to put in in the hopefully rare event of this happening.

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Thanks for the Reply. I just migrated my C5 to the C7 via Protect so I was just curious if the reverse could be true. Basically just "thinking out loud" and thought I'd ask if anyone knew.