Can you insert the hub name to the backup file name or some other identifier?

It would be helpful to have some type of identifier besides the date and version for backups for people with multiple hubs without having to manually edit the backup file names.


agreed .. for now i have to manually move backups between directories on the pcs to keep them straight. it would be nice to have the name or ip or even specify a perfix for backs ...

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If you have an always-on Widows computer why not use a scheduled task to run a PowerShell script. This should get you going. Simply create a scheduled task for each hub and include the hub name in $output variable.

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Sounds like a @gopher.ny request.... :grinning:

When you automatically download them from the hub, why not save them into a directory based upon the hub name or IP?


I agree with Lewis.

It would be very helpful to have some kind of hub identifier for backups.

+1 here as well. It's not the end of the world but could be very useful for multi hubs users.

I don't download automatically, and I do currently stick them in their own folder manually, but this is annoying. I don't usually post feature requests until it starts annoying me and it currently is.

4 Likes has hub name as file name prefix when you download a backup. Non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with "_".


What the!!... @gopher.ny You are staff of the week this week in my book :grin:


Many love bubbles are floating your way from everyone! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That's pretty cool. Thanks,


I just noticed that this doesn't happen when I click "Download latest backup" on the Update page. It would be nice if this were consistent.


Same, was just about to post about this:

Daily backup also doesn't include hub name in auto backup:

Many places to check:

  • Automated backup create
    -- not adding hub name (pic above)

  • Manual download on Backup and Restore page
    -- Adds hub name

  • Manual download on Diagnostic page
    -- not adding hub name, and has an entirely different naming convention

  • 2021-02-04 10_25_29-Hubitat Diagnostic Tool 2021-02-04 10_25_41-Hubitat Diagnostic Tool