Can you find and use Google Mini speakers on more than one hub?

Wondering if I can add Chromecast to my second hub and find my google minis and send audio messages with both hubs?

I know you can do this with Alexa and Sonos speakers, so I don't see why it won't work with Chromecast.

Also - are you using HubConnect? If you are, it is possible to use HubConnect to share a speaker from one HE to another using the HubConnect Speaker Universal Driver.

I haven' tackled Hubconnect yet, I'm using Link to Hub.

Definitely worth the effort. And the instructions/manual from @csteele and @srwhite make it simple.

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Thanks - I'll add it to my todo list.

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Seems to work fine with chromecast installed on both.

I will work fine with the Chromecast integration. Just like you can cast from any device on your network, so can Hubitat.

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