Can you exclude a device without removing it from HE?

Iโ€™d like to reset my zwave lock, and exclude it. Can I use my minimote to exclude it so it remains in HE and stays associated with all automations, then include it and it gets re-added with all associated automations? If so, is this straight forward?

No, at least not if zwave.

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No, but I think you can do the 3rd party exclude and then re-add it as another ID and new name.
Then reference all the In Use By entries for the old device entry to track down were the old one was used to put in the new one.

I would not recommend any technique that does not cleanly, and successfully Remove the Device. Other users have experienced โ€œGhostโ€ z-wave devices by either force removing them, and excluding them with another controller.

Always best to properly Remove a z-wave device from its device details page.

I had a couple of ghost devices to remove this weekend. Was a pain in the rear end.

My new rgbw light strip controller went berserk and died.

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