Can we please get the (re)new button manager?

I really don't like creating the button setups down in RM because RM has dozens of rules and they get intermingled. My wife wants to adjust buttons sometimes, but really doesn't want to face RM.

So I was really happy that @bravenel said that BM is coming back. Pretty please... ?

One of my BM apparently corrupted itself. It still works, but I can no longer enter or edit it. We really need to change a button, and I don't want to recreate this in RM, then transfer back to BM...

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Don't understand this? Are you using button device? It's one rule for all the buttons? BTW the button controller is not going to change this it will be exactly the same just with less options.

This happens if you press back and don't compleat the rule fully, if it's fully gone your have to start again, if not you can often sort it you just need to work out where you went wrong. Again this will also happen in button controller if you make this mistake.

I know. We like that it is simpler, and that it is separated. When you have dozens of rules the button controllers get lost in them.

So this just appeared on a button controller I haven't touched in 6 or more months. We decided to change a button, I opened it up and it crashed. There was no back, no failure to complete it, nada.

It still works the same as before. But we can't change it because we can't open it. And Button Controller doesn't let us create new ones any more. But it's supposed to return in the next version, thus my query.

I used to just start all Button Controller Rule names with "_BC" That way there were always together and at the top of the list.


I didn't like the RM integration of BM either. I ended up using Advanced Button Controller and haven't looked back since. It's simple like Button Manager but has way more control options.


It will return in the next update.


Wait, so it is being removed from RM and put back as a seperate app? I hope not.

It will remain in RM but also brought back as a separate app as before. If you just want a simple button controller, use the button app. If you want more control, use the button controller within RM.


You can try Advanced Button Controller. It is much simpler to use for most use cases.

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