Can we convert z-wave frequency of a device? I made a booboo

I made a booboo and ordered EU FREQ devices (bunch)! :frowning:
I use US freq and my hub and all existing devices are US freq.. and returning my order will cost more money (in shipping). Is there a way i can somehow convert the signal of these EU devices to US freq (908mhz) ? Im alright with electronics and can handle soldering and stuff.

Or, is there a way to work with these EU devices? Perhaps buying another hubitat c7 and set it to z-wave EU and then somehow mix em in with existing main hub?

Just looking for ideas to fix this booboo

What devices are they/ what z-wave version it may be possible of they are 700 series. Never tried and even if it was possible I would expect you would have to jump though some hoops and could brick the device.

Basically the HE C7 is the 700 series and depending on the location it selects the relevant frequency. I believe the devices do the same but o suspect it's depending on the firmware of the device. However if it's a z-wave (100-300) or z-wave plus (500) then no it's no possible.

@bcopeland should be able to shed more light.

I think this should work, although you’ll need EU frequency repeaters for the second zwave mesh.

I should point out it wouldn’t be legal per FCC regulations.

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Some 700 series devices do support frequency changes.. Not many though.

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That would technically work, but is actually illegal. Whether anyone would catch you using those frequencies or not is another story.

Amateur radio operators in the USA are licensed under Part 97 of FCC regulations. They are allowed to make modifications to their devices as long as they operate within the requirements of the regulations. Violation of regulations can lead to fines and cancelation of license privileges.

Z-wave devices and other consumer electronic devices operate under FCC Part 15. Since this is an unlicensed service, manufacturers must submit samples of their product to the FCC for testing. If the device passes, the FCC issues a certificate allowing the device to be sold and used in the USA. Consumers are not allowed to modify these devices. Even adding an external antenna to your Hubitat hub is technically a violation of Part 15 regulations, although it is unlikely that you would ever be prosecuted for doing so.

If you had skill in modifying micro electronic circuits, it might be possible to alter the frequency of your Z-wave device. However, it is unlikely that the time and effort to do so would be feasible, even if the device worked afterwards. The modifications would render the device illegal for use in the USA. Likewise, purchasing a Z-wave hub using a non FCC approved Z-wave frequencies would be a violation of Part 15 regulations.

Ether return the device to the seller, dispose of it at an approved electronics recycling facility, or gift it to someone who lives in an area where the device is legal.