Can these smoke alarms cause issues with the network?

I need to install some smoke alarms on the property. Four interlinked ones to be exact.
I'm thinking of getting these ones (

In the description I notice "Radio frequency: 868MHz". Now I don't know if it's exactly 868, but it seems very close to the Z-Wave freq of 868.42Mhz. Any potential interference? Is there any cause for alarm? (no pun intended)

It shouldn't cause an issue. There's quite a bit of kit around now that runs on 868MHz. I have Honeywell EvoHome TRVs on all my radiators that use 868MHz. I'm a security installer and wireless intruder alarms all use 868MHz also these days (Honeywell, Pyronix, Risco and others). I've not had any issues at home - 43 Z Wave devices, 8 TRVs on 868 (although I did once have a failing battery in a TRV causing a jamming signal on my alarm (the battery going flat causing the device to continually send)

Whether or not other non connected devices using the same frequency could be perceived as noise by the hub is something I'm not sure of but as many people have multiple meshes I can't see it.

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Thank you - it's always worth getting an opinion of those who know better than me. I will give them a go. NB. I'm quite far away from a fully functional zwave system so will report back on this thread in future. It's exciting as rooms get completed one by one.

These are just battery powered, which doesn't meet current UK building regs, if your building and need it signed off they have to be hard wired.

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Yes will be checking/reviewing the situation. Thx

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