Can the Belkin Rev B Backup ups power HE C-4

ok so today I was at my local goodwill dropping off somethings, usually, I will go inside to the back where they have the electronics and see if they have any hidden gems. While back there I came across 3 Belkin rev B At&t Uverse backup batteries upon inspection 2 had good batteries and ones battery was bad I talked them down to me purchasing all 3 for $20 a great hall in my opinion. When I got home and inspected each one of them the barrel connectors on them look the same as on the C-4 HE and I was wondering would it be possible to use them as a backup battery for the He the specs are as followed

Input-120V-45-65Hz 1A
Output-12V-3A Max

The HE hub is 5V not 12.

Your router and modem are probably 12V DC, if you don’t already have those devices on a UPS.

Ok thx guys that does help I can switch my netgear Orbi from my big cyberpower ups to this one and save sometime on the ups.