Can’t seem to keep dashboard open on tablet

I am using and Amazon Fire Tablet and running Fully Kiosk to display a home monitoring dashboard in the master bedroom. I used to use this setup pretty successfully with ST and action tiles. With Hubitat the dashboard seems to time out And revert back to the main HE dashboard selection screen at some regular interval as of yet undetermined. I should also mention that I have the panel connected to an inovelli plug to cycle the charging power to help preserve the battery.

Any thoughts on why or how to troubleshoot this? I don't know which component of the setup is causing this behavior. Is there a timeout in HE if the dashboard has a pin? Is it a quirk on the Fire Tablet or Fully kiosk settings?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


I use fully too but never seen your behavior. Nonetheless, there is a setting in fully to reload the start page every X seconds. It is under “Web Auto Reload” and is called “Auto Reload on Idle”. I have mine set to 1800 and never ever touch the dashboard to reload, not even when I reboot my hub

How do I set the start page to the dashboard I want? I have only so far been able to figure out how to set it to the main dashboard menu. Perhaps that is why I am having this issue. I need to figure out how to set the start page to the exact panel I want.

I have a pin on my main panel? Do you? Maybe that is it?

Don’t go into “Dashboards”
Go to “Apps”->”Hubitat Dashboard”->”The dashboard you want”

In there are two direct links, one for cloud and one for local LAN. Copy the direct local LAN link and use that

Got it. Thanks. Still pretty new around here.