Can’t remove device from device list

I have three devices, a lock, siren and a zwave stick that I excluded and removed. They no longer show up on my zwave list, but they are still on my device list. The remove button will not let me force remove them. I used a stick to verify that I don’t have any ghost devices, excluded it and it still shows up as a device. How do I remove them as devices?

The "Remove" button should let you force remove them; you'll just have to wait about 15-20 seconds for it to realize a regular exclusion isn't happening.

(For anyone else reading this, always prefer a regular Z-Wave exclusion if you can and check Z-Wave Details for a remaining node ID afterwards if you can't; in your case, it sounds like you did that first, which should have also removed the device--and is why this also isn't normally where I'd start; make sure you're comparing the "0x"/hexadecimal node ID, not the decimal node ID in parentheses, with the Device Network ID of the device. But if that really didn't happen, the above should work for the device. If not, anything odd in Logs when you try?)

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I get this pop up when I go to remove it. Nothing shows up in the logs.

What browser are you using?

Hubitat app on an iPad.

Can you repeat this using Safari?

This is usually the problem as the app seems to defer to the limited version of Safari that Apple wants developers to use. May want to try it from the Chrome browser, instead of the app, on the iPad (still Safari under the covers, but. sometimes works better).

Solved, I didn’t realize that you can scroll in that popup.

Thank you again for your assistance.

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