Can’t log on

Not able to log on to my hub today.
My dashboards are working. I hard booted the hub by unplugging it. No difference. My phone is on my network. Tried a separate phone ( also on the network…also no difference

To get to my hub I just type find my Hubitat on the browser and it takes me to
All I’m getting is a spinning wheel.

This a system thing or something specific to my hub?

Have you tried:


if that doesn’t work download the html file found here:

and run it using the base IP for your network (normally 192.168.1.), last period is required, and iterations of 253

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This. Can you reach port 8081? If that doesn't work, then the IP address search suggested by @thebearmay makes sense to me.

Cant log on with the hubitat local either.
Out of does a person run that hub finder?
Im on a mac

It's an HTML file so just save it to your hard drive with a .html extension (may need to be in your ~/Sites folder) and then open it - been I while since I played with MACs but I believe it will automatically open with Safari.

OK. I have something goofy going on.
Last night i couldn't log on to the hub with either 2 of my iPhones and on my computer.
this morning i also couldn't log on either cell hone but i can get on with my computer.
All are on the same wifi.

Ok, let’s be methodical. What is the IP shown for your Mac? What is the IP shown for each iPhone? What is the IP shown for your Hub?


On my computer ( where i can access the hub)
On my hub details menu

On my iPhone
Wont log on...get a spinning wheel
Wont log on...get a spinning wheel

Hand entered above IP of
Wont log on. just hangs


I have an Optimum router that does this sometimes. Usually it happens after a hub reboot, but not always, so there isn't a definite pattern. Accessing hub from a different device works every time. Rebooting original device brings it back, too.

There is nothing on the hub itself that would reject a local (same network) connection.

I can check engineering logs on the hub if you PM me the hub id.

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I believe you misunderstand my questions. I am trying to see whether the iPhones and Mac computer and Hubitat hub are on the same network. The only info you provided is the Hubitat hub’s IP.

Getting the IP of Macintosh and iPhones doesn’t require being connected to Hubitat hub.

Again, what is the IP of the Macintosh computer?
(System Preferences, Network, Select the WiFi network you are on)

Again, what is the IP of each iPhone?
(Settings, WiFi, Select the WiFi network you are on, scroll down to IP address)

Im sorry...i have something non Hubitat related going on.

When i turned off my cellular data and forced internet connection through my wifi..i was able to log on to my hub on my phone.

Clearly not a HE issue.