Can’t edit RM 4.1?

I’m have a bunch of 4.1 rules and I want to edit one, but I can’t seem to do that. Is it because of the RM version?

What should I do?

It is normally possible to edit RM 4.1 rules. I do it all the time. New ones cannot be created however (unless you clone an existing one).

I suspect that you have a “corrupted” rule. You can see it, but not edit it. Two options that I can think of are:

  1. Re-create it in RM 5.1
  2. Clone another rule in RM 4.1, delete its content and re-create the problematic one.

It's weird. The rule works, since I use it every day, but it won't allow me to edit the actions.

Is there a way to migrate it to RM5?

Yes, I have some rules that are in that same state. They work, but can’t be edited.

There is no migration to RM 5.1. Unfortunately, to be able to update it at this point requires it to be re-created. (Unless you can find an editable version in an old backup…)

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Besides the above, I'm guessing Rule 4.1 is unlikely to get much love at this point, but there's no information I see about why you can't edit. If you see an error on the app page itself or in "Logs" when you run into the problem, it's possible staff could find something to fix it or suggest something that may help. Any other specific information may also be helpful.

That being said, re-creating it might be faster (and you know that will work). :smiley:


@charlesrblack Can you clone the rule then edit the clone? I only ask because I wonder if there is some type of corruption in the db regarding that rule.

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