“Can’t connect to server” after power outage

My C-5 Hub is connected to my Orbi router and has address; this has been the setup since I got it, a year or two ago, and it’s had no trouble including through multiple power outages.

Last night there was a brief power outage, and now when I try to connect to the hub the title of the screen flickers back and forth between “Data” and “” for a few minutes, then gives me an “Unable to connect because the server isn’t responding” message.

Devices connected to the hub aren’t responding to Alexa commands as they usually do.

Orbi shows the hub still connected, and still with the address. The light on the hub is blue. Going to portal.Hubitat.com and searching by MAC address doesn’t do anything.

I’ve tried restarting the hub (pulling the power cable); restarting Orbi; reconnecting the Ethernet at both the hub and the Orbi; but with no effect - still the same dance followed by “not responding”.

Any suggestions?

There are alternative means to get to the hub using the Diagnostic Tool, detailed at : Hubitat Diagnostic Tool - Hubitat Documentation.


  • Get the MAC address off the back of your Hubitat Hub (you will need this).
  • Go to This will open the tool.
  • If successful, use this interface to shut down the hub (will need the password).
  • Go to the physical hub, unplug for 30 seconds, and plug back in.
  • See if you can get to your hub now on the normal interface.
  • If not, read up on soft reset and consider doing this. Never do a hard reset until contacting Hubitat.

One more suggestion. If convenient, put your router and the Hubitat Hub on a backup power supply. This will reduce or eliminate power issues with both.


As @djgutheinz has indicated, I suspect your hubitat has a corrupt database and will need a Soft Reset. Here's the documentation on how to do that:



Thanks, this worked. I had to re-start the hub once more before i could connect to 8081. The restart gave it a new IP address. I still couldn’t connect directly, but was able to get to the 8081 tools page and perform a soft reset followed by a restore from backup, and it seems to be ok now, though I won’t be surprised if there are hiccups.

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Can you reserve the hub's IP address in your Orbi router? Also, a small UPS is highly recommended.


Normally the Orbi doesn’t change the IP address - it was for over a year since I first installed it.

I’ve been meaning to get a UPS for the router/modem/hub there for ages and this has prompted me to order one (and to replace the batteries in the other old UPSes I have scattered around the house, since they’re well past their expiration dates).

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That's great that it tends to use the same IP address (possibly because the lease had always been renewed before expiring .. until the power outage), but you should guarantee that it will use every single time no matter what by reserving that address by its MAC address in your router.