Can someone help me understand why Plex is such a big deal?

I never thought of that - certainly a plus for Plex. Currently I access my families NAS and download to it directly but as they watch the same stuff it might be handy for me to use Plex. Infuse can use a Plex library also.

Plex is a great app. I have a Plex pass for 6 years. If your not sharing media with friends and family then jellyfin is also good. It's more difficult to setup a shared connection. It's open source and free... runs locally on your server.
On Plex you can add a dvr to record OTA MEDIA ( SiliconDust HDHomeRun Flex 4K ) and skip commercials (add on $80 per year). Works with jellyfin too.

Just remember,Have fun!

All they have to do is make their own plex account and you give them permission to yours.

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By asking the question you have already answered the question.... If others have not convinced you already. I don't use Plex myself but have always wanted to.... Have not come up with a reason not to...,

Apart from the the small amount of work needed plus the fact I don't keep enough pre-saved content.. But don't let that stop you, if you are keen and willing, go for it.... unless you have another pressing item to implement.

Yes, I was talking about jellyfin. The open source and local is also jellyfin. Plex sharing is straight forward.


I had an awesome collection of mp3's I used to stream to a single hifi system using itunes/remote. Worked flawlessly.

Then the echo dot came along with alexa/voice control. The wife now won't use anything other than spotify and voice control, which results in an unnecessary extra monthly cost IMO.

If only I could integrate plex with the echos and voice controlled music, I'd be set.

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I'm still using Windows Media Center for my OTA TV DVR, despite it being unsupported for about a decade. It still works flawlessly for me and has a smooth, elegant, uncluttered user interface.

Plex is probably my Plan B when I finally need one. I have the lifetime license. But I find the navigation while watching a show (e.g., fast forward, etc.) horrible. Also the user interface is cluttered (even after removing unwanted entries).

Try plexamp for your music


I find I like viewing Plex on my Roku

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OT, but I use Alexa, Kodi and webcore for voice control of most of my home music. The WAF is pretty good. And other than the cost of the Echos, which I would have anyway, it's free.

When I used to use Alexa. I just this for a while.

What TV do you have that allows you the kind of control you have for power, volume, etc?


That sounds like an awesome idea for a post, if you have the time.

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I am older, so I still like to have media on my local storage. My younger nieces and nephews (20-30 years old, have virtually no media, they stream everything). There are exceptions to this, but it does seem to be strongly correlated to age.

Media on my NAS:

  • 1 TB of music, much of it higher quality than Redbook
  • 8 TB of HD movies and TV shows
  • 14 TB of 4K movies and TV shows

With this amount of media, a media server is somewhat essential (plex, kodi, other). If on the other hand you stream most of your media, I really don't see the point.

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I have a Harmony Hub and Companion remote which does all the heavy lifting switching inputs, starting Kodi, etc.

TV is a Sony Bravia OLED for which I use the excellent driver by @ajones for direct volume control via Hubitat.

If you are interested, check here.

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I still have Plex but it's hardly put to use. We basically stream everything from the cloud for the last 5 years. Only thing we use it for is picture sharing with families but we switched to google one recently so Plex is a forgotten child.

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I used plex for a long time but then I tried kodi and found it way easier to set up and use. Also easier setup of advanced settings like getting atmos to work etc. With my current network it was difficult to get plex to find the NAS server and it would always forget it. Kodi just works.

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You might want to see if your WiFi router has a USB port and the capability to set it up as a media server. I converted my entire CD collection to lossless .flac files and uploaded them to a USB stick. I plugged the stick into the USB port on my router and can access them from any of my computers, tablets, cell phones, AV receiver, and Bluesound Node 2i. The nice thing about using the router is that you leave it turned on 24/7 so you do not have to have another computer up and running constantly as a media server. I use MediaMonkey Gold to organize and access my collection.

I subscribe to both Qobuz and Amazon Music Unlimited so I do not access my CD collection very often, but I still do from time to time.

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