Can somebody help me on these setting for a schlage lock?

I have the same brand. Some help:

  • Configure: Does a lock and z-wave configuration.
  • Get Codes: Get the current codes for the lock. Format is
  • {"1":{"code":"1111","name":"code #1"},"2":{"code":"1111","name":"code #2"},"3":{"name":"Elvia","code":"1111"}}
    • Each code as a position (1, 2, and 3 above)
    • My lock can handle 10 codes.
  • Delete Code (with Code Position).
  • Set Code: Position, PIN, Name (optional)
  • Set Code Length: Read your lock manual for the code length and enter. Mine is 4.
  • Refresh: Gets the current state of the lock (lock/unlocked, battery)

Note: there is no way in the interface to disable a code. You simply delete the code (sigh).