Can SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (older gen) be used with HE?

I have a few ST multipurpose sensors that I would like to migrate to HE, but not sure what the process is. These are the ones I'm talking about:

Can't find much information on how to exclude / include them.

Here are the ST sensors that are officially tested to be compatible with HE

Here are SmartThings Join and Reset instructions

All the ST sensors of all generations have been and are Zigbee, so exclusion is not part of it. With any of them, a reset should put them into pairing mode, then just follow the process to join Zigbee devices.

Thanks so much for that info! I feel like a dolt for assuming they were Z-wave... these are the only Zigbee devices I own b/c they came with the ST hub. Everything else in my house is z-wave. I'll see if I can get them working with the HE hub with your pointers.

Several of us have the first gen one with the AAAA batteries. Mine has been on my garage door since I bought my ST hub in 2014 (came with hub) and itโ€™s been working flawlessly since then and great on HE.

Be sure to use Zigbee Channel 20 on your Hubitat Hub, as this channel works very well with the old original SmartThings devices, as well as every other Zigbee device I have tried. Higher Zigbee channels will cause pairing issues.


I don't doubt your informaton. Just want to share I'm on 25 and it has been perfect. I like 25 as it's way off my wifi frequency and the default frequency for Xiaomi hubs,a nd I have many xiaomi devices.

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Thatโ€™s interesting info about the Xiaomi being on ch 25. Thanks.

I'm using my multisensor for my window is open or now. I put the template as multi sensor. I'm getting the temperature but not getting if the window is open or closed. It's still saying unknown. Thanks in advance

If this is latest gen sensor, then you should be seeing all the Current Status in the device details window. You don't get status until the event has occured. If you move the magnet more than roughly 3-4 inches from it (their latest gen sensors need a wide gap to actuate), then it may either be a faulty sensor, but you should try resetting the sensor and joining it again. There's no need to remove it from Hubitat Elevation. Just put the hub into Zigbee discovery again and reset the sensor. It will rejoin without disrupting rules.

Join and Reset instructions are here

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors V5 should use the built-in driver SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5. If the correct driver is not automatically selected, switch it and press the Save Device button, then press the Configure button to send the driver parameters to the device.

Got it figured out. Any suggestions of how to make an automation for vibration? When I had it on ST it was way to sensitive and would go off all the time. I have it working if the window opens and closes but can't figure out vibration. I'd like to have alexa make an announcement when the window is open and closed and a vibration.

Make a new Rule Machine rule and choose Acceleration as the trigger, then pick the sensor