Can RM 'Click'?

I have a couple of tiles that show and image from my Blue Iris. When I click the tile it shows the image full screen, when clicked again it goes back to a tile..
Question, I want a rule that when activated it will click the tile, or is there another way to activate the full screen image?

I could be wrong, but I don't think this is possible. Perhaps someone with experience with CSS can figure out a workaround? Tagging @sburke781

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What kind of device are you using to display the dashboard, is it predominantly a single tablet, or you want this option on multiple devices?

It's on a PC, I'm using a 'local endpoint' to trigger RM to speak on my Google speakers when Blue Iris detects motion.
Do you happen to know if RM can use the same video path (that I use in the tile) and display it directly full screen?
FYI Just really this one PC is the only one I want to display it on.

Hmmm... I might need to think about it a bit more then (after work :slightly_smiling_face:). Hopefully someone else might chime in sooner.


Just thought it may be worth clarifying at least my own understanding, and I could be slightly off with this, but CSS is predominantly formatting related, with controls like @Culmac is asking about being more the domain of Javascript. Not that I haven't produced any of that over the last few years.... :slight_smile:

In terms of Javascript, nothing springs to mind that would be easy, but I'm no expert, just a hacker enthusiast by night :-). The simpler option may be to look at options outside of the dashboard.

I am assuming by this you mean a Windows PC. If you are interested in something like EventGhost being setup on the PC, then you may have some options. I was able to get a URL to open in my default browser using a small Python script, which, using the PC Controller Community driver you could do this from HE. The thing I am unsure about would be how to close the browser tab reliably. There may be some options, but probably best to gauge your appetite for EventGhost first.


Thanks for giving it some thought, definitely a brain teaser. Seemed simple at first but no so.
I will explore some of your ideas.

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