Can one node red server work with two hubs?

Currently running two hubs with two different pi’s running NR/InfluxDB/Grafana. I was upgrading to a C-7 and setup my old C-5 with NR/InfluxDB/Grafana as a test. Well I’m still using the C-5 and would like to keep it.
Can I communicate with both hubs from one instance of node red?


You should be able to. Both hubs should have MakerAPI configured pointing to the same NR instance.

In Node-RED set up 2 HE configurations (Add_Configuration from the drop down menu in any HE node).

EDIT: Just tested this - works. Couple of things - don't forget to click the configure webhook in the HE node setup and also to add devices to the 2nd instance of HE (I was wondering why it was not working and then went "duh"!)

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Yes, it can - I've been using this setup for ~2.5 years. You'd need to have separate webhooks for each hub.

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Thank you, I can put the pi2-1 w/SD card (it was my first pi) to some other use.


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