Can not reach my hub via remote login or dashboard


Can not reach my hub dashboard or hub itself today 1/12/2023. Is there a issue with the cloud?



Depending how you are trying to reach the hub itself, you may not be dealing with a cloud outage that affects others. Our cloud outages are very rare (you can count them on one hand in the past 5 years). To check on wide-spread outages, you could always visit the Service Health maintained by AWS at:

With that being said, most common is a local internet outage, or a change in local network settings that may prevent the hub to access the internet. If that happens, the hub is typically accessible from the local network, and you will see a notification in the upper right corner stating that a cloud connection is not available.

I am using remote access since I am 50mi away from location. I verified that Internet service is operating an power is on.Does hub require static address. It worked fine for 3 month and suddenly I can not reach it.

Hub doesn't require static ip, or reserved IP for that matter, but depending on the DHCP server, the address may change from time to time. If you'd like, you can send me a message along with your hub's MAC address and I can check to see if the hub is connected to the cloud.

For Remote Admin subscribers, there is a service status displayed on the Subscription page at Currently, the service is operational.

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