Can log in to Hub but not to Portal

Just updated to the latest OS. Seems to be a new discovery / home screen for

I can't log in to the new portal. When I use my creditials, I get a "wrong email or password" message. But I can log in to my hub, which is discovered.

Did you use a Facebook, Google or Amazon account linkage when you when you first created your account? If so you have to migrate your account. Details are right on the login screen.

Just used my email.

Is there a capital where there shouldn't be in your email?

I use a password manager to make sure of those types of things.
but i did it manually as well. just strange.

When you say you can log in here (arrow pointing to hub) that is your hub security login and really has nothing to do with Portal.

Portal has a separate account used to register your hub. You can find the exact spelling including case at hub ip/hub/register this will show what account was used to register the hub.

You will need to use that account to log in to portal to manage that hub and also for logging into the mobile app.

yes, thats what I mean. But I used the same info.

When I check the IP address/hub/register, it shows me the email that i've been using. And when I tried to "migrate" I got "Error occurred: Account not found or not a federated account"

I'll just reset the password. Not worth taking up everyone's time.