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Hey everyone. I'm building an addition onto my house and one of the rooms will be a media room / living room. I'd like to have scene lighting and am looking for a good set of can / down lights to install during construction. Currently I'm looking at the Osram / Lighify brand, but I wanted to get your opinions. I have a pretty extensive z-wave network and just a handful of Zigbee, so either protocol should be fine. I'd like to stay away from Wi-Fi lights. Any info is appreciated.

Sengled BR30's Color+ have worked well for me - have 8 of them in the den. Zigbee is nice because if you group them you can take advantage of the "Zigbee Group Messaging" to reduce "popcorning".. delay in various lights turning on/off. Sengleds also do not "repeat" so are less likely to mess up your mesh.

I would also recommend you replace the switch with a smart switch as well - either Zooz or Inovelli, they both allow for disabling the load control - switching still registers, power to lights remains on which is something you would need.

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I'd go with dumb, dimmable LED bulbs, and a smart, in-wall dimmer switch.


I would too but assume they wanted color changing ability as well... The den thing was a test / demo and we NEVER use the color aspect at all.


@ogiewon, like what @erktrek mentioned, we are looking for color changing which complicates things dramatically. I would've totally just went with smart switch if we didn't want color changing.

Thank for the quick replies guys!!


Same here... Except for Water Leak alarms, where all of my color table lamps turn blue to draw my attention to the issue.


The problem with having a smart light fixture (they do exist) is that they will still have to be connected to a light switch. (My #1 home automation rule is that the lights still need to work when the hub isn't there).

So, your best bet is a smart switch, with a color changing bulb. When you want a scene, you setup a rule to turn the switch on, wait like 0.5 sec, and set the color and light level to what you want. When you turn off the scene, you setup a rule to set the light to a "default" value, wait like 0.5 sec, and then turn off the switch (assuming you have the light set to go to last state when power is restored.)

Personally, I like z-wave for switches and zigbee for color changing lights. I have a mixture of Hue and Sengled in my house...both work great.

For my media room, there were already "can lights" installed. I used THESE for my 6 inch cans (pick temperature)...then screw into the existing fixture bulb socked and look really nice finished.


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