Can I use IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button for open & close garage door?

I have 2 garage Doors and MyQ gateway for de both and in my Hubitat, the MyQ lite app is install. I try to use IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button E1812 for open and close garage door ( one button for each door). That not work. Do you have a solution?
Thank you .

You should be able to do it through button controller.

Ikea buttons are a hot mess on Hubitat. Save your sanity and throw them away.

Good evening; here is my configuration in the application. When I press the button, the Hub's message system indicates that there is too much communication going on... For the Ikea buttons, I had to repeat the pairing 5 times. I have 2 in my set up

WoW! It seems that the system no longer sends a message, the door opens and closes with the button!!
Thanks very much!!

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Keep an eye on your batteries. Those buttons can blow through them in as little as 24 hourd

I second that!

Something makes Ikea Tradfri devices to consume batteries in an absurd way (when paired to HE), and it is a pity since they have good quality, they work great (when still alive), they are available across the globe (specially here in Europe) and their design tends to be very attractive.

Regarding Ikea buttons, here is what I observe. I have the Ikea Hub. I pair the buttons with the Ikea Hub first, once done, I check if an update is available and it is done. The button must be very close to the hub. Once it is recognized by the Ikea Hub and the update is done, I unplug the Ikea Hub. Then I pair with the Hubitat Hub. Once paired in Hubitat, all the information appears. The battery then lasts a very long time.


I will give that a try. Thanks!

Do you have a hub to test that too?

Good evening;
Yes, I have the Ikea Hub. I have 2 buttons that are paired. One controls a Zooz switch for a fan and the other opens and closes a garage door.