Can I use Homekit without devices connected to Hubitat?

I am new to Hubitat. I have Homekit, Hue, and SmartThings devices with Samsung z-wave hubs. I was using Homebridge for Integration.

I just got the hub today because I learned of the integration between Hubitat and HomeKit. I plugged it in, got everything set up, and installed the HomeKit app.

Now I am lost. I am not sure where to go. I don’t see any other Hubs and devices. So, now I am not certain the actual purpose of this device.

Also, I don’t see a way to add Devices or connect to HomeKit - no code, doesn’t appear as an option in HomeKit, etc..

This is a lot, it’s overwhelming, and I don’t know where to begin.

I am worried this hub needs to have all of the z-wave devices connected directly two it, I have two Samsung hubs in different zones… this is a BIG ask, can this not function like HomeBridge, who can help with all of this. I will search through a bunch of documents and videos and hope, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time to find out this is just a z-wave hub? It’s confusing….

Hubitat’s HomeKit integration is intended to be used with directly paired devices, whether z-wave or zigbee.

It can’t function like homebridge because unlike homebridge, Hubitat is working on becoming an Apple-certified HomeKit hub. Apple imposes more rules and limitations on certified devices than uncertified ones.

Edit: This page of the hub documentation explains how the HomeKit integration works.


Welcome aboard. While this is a big task, it might be the last time you'll ever do it. Unlike most other hubs, Hubitat Elevation has the capability of migrating devices from one Hubitat to another, so if your current hub dies, you'd be up and running again in 10 minutes or less. Not many hubs can do that. If you move your Z-Wave devices from Smartthings to Hubitat, one time, you can take advantage of the migration capabilities for years to come.


Wait, so, Habitat is basically a hub to replace Samsung Smartthings Hub and integrate devices with HomeKit. I would have to connect everything currently connected to my Samsung Hub directly to Hubitat. There's no other option right now but for me to reset all of my devices and connect... this is what I am reading?

I guess I am asking the same thing as the original poster. I have Samsung Smartthings Hubs, I have Homebridge Running, and Ive been using the Samsung Smart Apps so that all of my Samsung connected devices are available in HomeKit. I have two Samsung Hubs because I have a second building on the property and Z-wave devices cannot reach from one building to the other, so I have to have a hub in the other location. What I am hearing here is that I need to replace my Samsung Hubs...

On this topic then... is there a way to transfer all devices from Samsung to Hubitat or will I need to exclude all devices and add them one by one?

and... one more thing of course... sorry for the many threads, but since I would have to go through getting a second Hubitat to replace the Samsung in the other building, what happens if Hubitat is not certified by HomeKit/Apple, will the ability to connect be maintained? Are the chances of this being certified good? How long until we know? this is an investment of a lot of time...

Ummm… you are the Original Poster. :wink:


well, crap... I got lost from the other one...

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@bobbyD, is SYBIL still a valid discount code?

There are a couple of apps that people have written that also let you pass devices from Hubitat to HomeKit that are not, and will not be officially authorized by Apple. They let you add devices that Hubitat's app cannot, as they violate the terms. There are also community apps that let you connect Smartthings hub Hubitat. I'm not sure what you were expecting or trying to accomplish, so I don't know if any of these other options work for you.


To clarify, these apps permit exposing devices to Homebridge, not directly to HomeKit.


True. That was a sloppy answer.

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Hubitat does far more than just replace ST. Unlike ST it is 100% local, more devices are available for it, it has far more native capabilities than ST as well. You can also join multiple Hubitat on the same lan or at multiple sites and share devices between them.

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I doubt that will be an issue. Anyone can certify as long as they follow the apple sdk which is what is being done.

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