Can I use an EU version Hubitat C7 in North America?

I'd like to use a few Qubino 0-10V dimmers which are EU only for zwave frequency. The project is related to active ventilation, so I would like to use these devices for 0-10V PWM motor speed control.

I'm in Canada with a NA version C7 Hub.

A few questions:

  1. Can I purchase a new C7 EU version hub and pair with my existing C7 NA version? I would only use this hub to pair with the Qubino 0-10V dimmers.

  2. I'm assuming a US power adapter would work fine with the hub?

  3. Can I do all automation on the NA version hub?

Yes, with the C-7 model hub, the only difference between different regions is the power supply (and as long as it's a 5V supply at 1A or greater with a standard micro-USB connector on the other end, that will work). But I'm not sure you really need to do this; the Z-Wave frequency/region is software-selectable from Settings > Z-Wave Details, and you don't need an EU-model hub to use EU frequencies, so any hub you have access to should work.

That being said, these frequencies are different in different regions because of different laws/allocations regarding the frequencies. So, using EU frequencies in Canada might be a bad idea, or possibly illegal, but I don't know the laws there. :smiley:

Hubs don't "pair" with each other, if that's what you're asking; they would be two independent Z-Wave networks. You can share devices between them using Hub Mesh or a similar solution, however.

5 Likes I'd just need another C7 hub from NA, and then set the frequency for EU there :slight_smile:

I had assumed the frequency was baked into the zwave chip in the Hubitat by region...

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Not for the newer 700 series chips and 800 series chips.


You really should check this first before you start using a hub on EU frequencies.
For example I believe it is illegal to use a hub set to US frequencies in the EU as it is in the same band as mobile phones.
You may fire it up using EU frequencies and cause all sorts of issues with none z-wave devices using the EU band.


I may have found another solution....ZSD07-ADZ Decora 0-10V Wall Switch Dimmer, Lumina™ RF

Just need to figure out if this dimmer works with Hubitat...

If my research is correct, EU Z-wave is 868-869 Mhz. In North America, that is mobile phone spectrum. So it appears we are using mirror images of bands from each other.


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