Can I trigger based on a variable time?

RM seems to think so, but I can't find a way to use a variable in triggers (for time). In the actions, no problem.

See the screenshot below where it says you can use a variable, but no way to set one?

Are you on the latest release? This was fixed in You can check in Settings > Hub Details if you aren't sure (and Settings > Check for Update if you're not).

Thank you for responding!

I'm on Is it possible this is a regression? I'm running the beta if that makes a difference.

It could, so I'd suggest posting under beta if you suspect this is the case. Howeever, I'm not able to see this problem. Do you have any hub variables of type DateTime? You won't see this option if you don't.

Bear in mind that you can't trigger from a Local Variable, only a Hub Variable.

That must be it, thank you!

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