Can I set on-demand light timers?

I am curious ,can I set randomly on demand set light timers with a bulb or a zwave switch ?

For example , when i put my kids to bed which is slightly at a random time each night . I tell them they can read for 30 minutes.

What is the best way to do something that starts the 30 minute timer once I let them know they have thirty minutes so when it's up it turns the switch or bulb off.

One location it will be a switch , another location it will be a smart bulb.

Do you use Alexa or Google Home?

One simple solution would be to create a virtual switch, which is used to trigger a 30 minute timer, at the end of which the switch and/or bulb is turned off.

If the virtual switch is exposed to the Amazon Echo Skill (or the equivalent Google Home skill), you could start the timer with a vocal command.

I would use a pushbutton like maybe the Smartthings single button or similar.

Then you could have a very simple rule that when the button is pushed, delay 28-29 minutes, maybe flash or dim the bulb or give a spoken warning, then turn off the light after that final 1-2 minute delay. Make the rule NOT cancelable, so they can't push the button to get another 30 minutes.

Also along the lines of @aaiyar's suggestion... You could also do without the voice commands if you want, and just start the timer from a tile on a dashboard on your phone.

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Those are all good suggestions and all doable. I see that you're using a smart switch and a smart bulb? will you be cutting power to the bulb? I wouldn't be a fan of cutting power to your smart bulb. We use a button timer and a virtual switch like @aaiyar suggested. it works great and a rule woudl be very easy to fashion. You'd just want to make sure that it's absolute, or you'll find your kids will figure out how to reset tht fairly quickly.

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Here's a good virtual driver to use with @aaiyar suggestion.

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