Can I rename my hub?


My HE shows up in my router with a name of "hubitat".
I don't think I named it (perhaps i did), I think it picked the name up automatically.
Can I rename it - without touching my router?

Maybe I did name it in the router, I honestly can't remember


You would have to do it at the router. As a best practice, your hub should have a DCHP reserved address in your router and that's where you can change the name of it.


I wasnt sure, and only having the one I couldn't check anywhere else but here.


While you should definitely create a static/DHCP-reserved IP address for your hub, the response above isn't clear to me. The original poster is correct in that the hub ships with a default hostname of "hubitat", and it's not something you can currently set or change. Of course, if you have your own DNS (or your router lets you effectively do the same), you could use that to make it accessible via a name of your choosing. But without doing that, the static IP address is easier and will get more consistent results than trying an unqualified hostname (many browsers won't even try any more and will just do a web search instead).

I'd find little advantage in changing it since the IP address is much easier, but the default name does throw a wrench in the plan I have for how I name my devices. :slight_smile: Perhaps it is the same for you.

See also this thread/feature request: Customize Hub Hostname