Can I remove some of my past logs

I have updated to version 2.3.3. and have noticed that I have some deleted apps that are not leaving my past logs page. they are showing on the past logs page as not installed,

If I click on the app on the logs shown I get the following message,

These apps have been on my past logs page for several days now , Is there anyway to remove them or will I just have to be patient and wait for them to go.

You can perform a Soft Reset and select the option to remove the logs when prompted. However, waiting a few days might be more convenient.

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Thanks for that, it worked a treat, silly but it was really bugging me

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Similiar to this, prior to the update the log list was fairly short. Now it goes back months. And shows things based on device type. For example, today I had an error for a Zooz ZSE44, temperature humidity XS sensor. So which one of those was it?? I need the name that I use. I can figure it out but it's harder that way.

Also in past logs at the top it lists everything before getting to the actual log data. Didn't use to do that. I know you can filter by date, but doing that every day would get a little old.

Hope that makes sense. I guess what I am saying, I sure liked the old method of showing logs a lot better.

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It shows based on name not device type. So you must have (or had) a device named "Zooz ZSE44, temperature humidity XS sensor" if thats what shows in the top section for the filters. The new logs are awesome, not sure what the problem is exactly?

The only thing I can see that maybe could use a tweak is something you bring up, the list of devices at the top on Past Logs seems to include everything going back quite far even. @gopher.ny maybe it would be worthwhile to be able to collapse that top section (by default) with all the devices listed? Especially since we now also have a dropdown for the device filter.

When the device was paired it gave that name to it automatically. I then gave it a Device Label. The logs used to show it with the Device Label. In this case the label is Basement Sensor. But that doesn't show up in the logs, only the name. Which means I am going to have to go through and change the name on a lot of items to make it easier to read the logs.

Are you sure it is not showing both? On my hub I am seeing the "Display Name" which is the device Label, unless it has no label it reverts to the Name. So if you have a label it should be showing that.



It's not showing up with the label.

I don't see either in your screenshot, is it shown off the bottom or not at all? If you filter it by date so only show todays logs does it show the label then? If the logs are going back far enough to when it did not have the label maybe it is determining its display name from prior data and carrying it forward. I tagged the dev who worked on the logs interface for the update up above, so they might have some more insight.

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Just a tip. Change both the device name and device label next time you add devices. I did that at the very beginning and it's much easier to track.

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This won't work (and it sounds like a lot of work, so definitely don't bother!). Past Logs will use the oldest display name available, based on the display name at the time when the log entry was generated. The display name is the device label if present, otherwise the device name. For newly paired devices, then, this is often just the name.

Eventually, the old names will be rotated out automatically, based on the maximum past logs size. The device ID will always be accurate and is what you can use to identify a device if you aren't sure from name alone, or the "Logs" button at the top of the device detail page will take you directly to Past Logs filtered to just this device if that's easier. Or, going the other direction, the "info," "debug," "error," etc. box next to the log entry will take you to the device detail page for that device.


It didn't use to be that way, or it is now showing more logs than it used to instead of just the last few days.

That one error that just occurred yesterday doesn't come up with the label. So it's not just the older log entries. And that particular device has always had the label since it was paired back about 5 months ago.

I guess my main point is, it didn't used to be that way until the latest update. It always showed the label, not the name.

I changed the name and label on one of my devices and was not able to replicate this problem; I see Live Logs showing the current display name (as of page load) and Past Logs showing the oldest display name (as determined by the oldest log entry still on the hub), with the display name determined as above (name unless label present, then label--but, again, all relative to time and live vs. past).

As an example, this device was added with the name "Demo Button A," and some past logs were generated with that name. But I changed both the name and label to new ones, as below, before generating additional logs:


In Live Logs, I see the new display name "Demo Button A New":

However, Past Logs still show "Demo Button," which is neither the current name nor current label but rather the oldest available display name (device name, in my case, but this will depend on the value of name and label at the time this entry was generated):

This is true even though there are log entries generated while the device had the "new" name, as you can see from the log entry text (which includes the display name as part of the entry in this case--a fairly common practice for info/event logs).

The above is how it has always worked, or at least since the introduction of past logs. (Yes, there was a time before they existed. No, I don't want to go back to that time. :smiley: )

This is possible; it is size-based, not time-based, and so will depend on the "chattiness" of logging in your apps, devices, and (far less commonly) hub/system.

Here is the screen shot of my logs for this device. As you can see there was an error back on 5/1 which would have been a couple weeks after it was installed. I am pretty sure I would have seen the error then and it would have had the label, not the name. Or I would have remembered it and questioned it then. And I created the label at the time of install. Then there is the error from yesterday, which again doesn't show the label.

AS far as the size of the past log list, I haven't changed anything and it didn't used to be this way. So something has changed with the firmware update. And I'm just saying I liked the old logging display better than this one.

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As the device was initializing it would have generated logs, before you set the label. So that is probably where it is getting that name from. Not saying that this is ideal but it’s how it works right now. @gopher.ny any reason why not using the current display name vs the oldest found in the past logs?


This is a little hard to show, but this portion of the log shows the first minute that the unit was paired. And it starts with the name, then picks up the label as part of the description of the log entry. Not sure if that means anything as far as clicking on the device number and it not bringing up the label or not. This device is not too big an issue as it is the only one of those I have. But in the log list there are a whole bunch of things like Generic Zigbee contact sensor. And trying to figure out which is which is kinda time consuming.

Above it says something about doing a soft reset and select option to remove logs. There are no logs I need to keep so if I do that it should give me a clean slate. What I'm not real clear on, do I need to restore my latest backup when I do that?

The text of the log entry is generated by the driver, not by the platform itself. Conventionally, this includes the display name of the driver for some types of entries, though this is not a strict requirement. As @jtp10181 mentioned above, the ones that have "Generic Zigbee..." whatever in the text at this time were probably during pairing/initialziation/configuration, before you would have had a chance to set a label yourself. Ones shortly after this will probably use your own name--in the text. But the display name (as shown at the top of the page) will persist using the oldest entry as long as that one is around. If you have logs going back 6 months, your logs must be very quiet, and it might take a while for the oldest ones to cycle out. :slight_smile: But I'm not aware of any changes having been made besides the new format of the log pages themselves, and the behavior I see above is the way it has (almost) always been.

Regardless, you do bring up a point that it might be less confusing if the newest name was used in Past Logs instead, especially since most devices use the driver name by default, and that isn't helpful for filtering if you have lots of the same kind (and enough old log entries to make it confusing). The appropriate dev was tagged above and may have some thoughts on that.

Yes, otherwise your hub will be nearly a blank slate (nearly because your Z-Wave and Zigbee devices will remain "paired" to the hub but won't have a corresponding Hubitat device you can use to control them unless you restore a matching hub database--just don't reset the radios, only do a soft reset of the hub, and you'll get your apps, devices, and settings back after restoring the backup).

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OK, did the soft reset, restored backup. Logs are really clean now, just one for one of the devices which was expected. I will see what happens from this point. I usually just look at the logs once a day unless something isn't working.

Now another user has also reported this on another thread: Logs - Filter labels incorrect