Can I REALLY migrate from my C7 hub to a C8 hub without touching devices and Webcore pistons?

If I'm reading things correctly, it looks like I can seamlessly and automatically move all of my devices, automations (I only use Webcore) and my File Manager files from my C7 hub to a new C8 hub via either Hub Protect or a utility that is available for one-time use.

If I'm reading this correctly, it's huge. So, am I reading this correctly? As a Kickstarter ST user, I went through the pain of migrating from a V1 hub to a V2 hub to a V3 hub. It sounds like Hubitat has developed a complete C7 - C8 migration process. Or am I missing the bigger picture?


Probably not quite; webCoRE is on the list of LAN and cloud apps you may need to concern yourself with. To be extra safe, you can back up your pistons in the "IDE" (webCoRE Dashboard) and restore them to the "new" hub/location afterwards if needed (and re-authorize to the webCoRE parent app the same devices, which should match up by ID and not require re-editing every piston to update the references).

That's the worst-case scenario; it's also possible things will just work if you open the webCoRE Dashboard/parent app and hit "Done" on the new hub afterwards. I'm not sure how much migration with this app -- technically available built-in now but still community-developed -- has been tested. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link to the LAN/Cloud Migration Notes. I use ActionTiles and I have 40 pistons so I'll make backups and proceed cautiously. I will say it's very refreshing to see the folks at Hubitat have developed the ability to migrate things from an older hub to a new version. As someone who slogged through the process of completely rebuilding things multiple times on the platform I previously used, it's a welcome change.

On the proceed cautiously front, before you take the migration backup I'd advise suspending all LAN/Cloud apps. Then after you restore the backup to the C-8, enable them one at a time authorizing as you go.


Migration is very easy. I migrated over Z-Wave and Zigbee. CocoHue, Homebirdge, Homekit, Alexa, Google Home (built in and Community), Sleep Number, Maker API for Node-Red, Bond, Google SDM API, and Kasa. I made sure the new hub took over the old hub IP so local integrations flowed right over.

Most of the apps I just went in, made sure they worked right still and was done. A couple of things I had to update some settings, especially if you have to give a cloud service the callback URL manually (with the Hub ID token). The cloud endpoint will change for sure, due to the hubID changing. I think Google Home Community and Google SDM I had to fix by checking the install instructions and updating the callback endpoints.

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Someone said that they were able to get it to load by overriding the DNS settings - Settings|Network Setup|Override DNS Settings then enter,,,, and then click Override

Yeah, I would backup webCoRE within itself as suggested. If you backup to their online service it will apparently restore you device meshes as well. I assume once per hub is allowed. Not really sure what advantage the C8 has that would be worth it. It seems WiFi is only used to connect hubs from what I have been told so far. I was able to use Kasa Integration to add those WiFi devices. I have a lot a LAN devices. It seems unrequired for me.

Feels a little late to be commenting on a migration discussion from 6-7 months ago. Fair enough you may have some updated insights or can confirm comments from back in March, but it feels like it may be worth a new topic, particularly if you have recently done a migration. But maybe I'm been a little too over-the-top with how the Community should operate... Just something to think about...