Can I move a zigbee device to new repeater without removing it completely?

I'd like to move a zigbee device that behaves unreliably to a new repeater or the actual hub. It's one zigbee window blind, and the other two are paired to a different repeater and work fine. Is there an easy way?

I don’t think so.

Zigbee and z-wave devices choose their own routes and can’t be forced to take a specific route.


Your best bet is to add a couple Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle S repeaters and then just reset and rejoin the device in question. No guarantees, but devices seem to really like connecting to them. This is one of mine repeating for 24 devices. It took over many of them after an unintended power disruption in my network closet. No devices needed rejoined :blush:

I just move things and let the mesh figure out out. I've seen the first couple commands fail sometimes then it's fine.

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I decided to remove the troublesome zigbee repeater (centralite night light). I guess it will go in the box of things I may use in the future. After removing that night light, the devices moved to a different repeater (an Iris V2 3210-L) and everything is working much better. Those Iris plugs make really good repeaters. Thanks for everyone's info and suggestions :slight_smile: