Can I migrate multiple hubs into one C8?

Hi all, I just watched the live video - very happy to be on this ride with Hubitat.

I am on a 3-hub system right now: Two C7s and One C5. The C5 runs network-type stuff and "whole house" administrative actions. The two C7s hold the devices and rules based on location in my house (one upstairs and one downstairs).

I want to purchase a C8 and return to a 1-hub system thanks to the range improvements via antennas. What would you do? I am doubtful this will be an easy task, and I'm ready to have to rebuild my mesh from scratch if necessary, but maybe there are some tricks. Thank you!


Since the migration is essentially a backup overlay of the hub, you can only directly migrate 1:1, so pick your most complicated and migrate it first, and then it’s back to the manual move for the others.


Thanks, I might move to a 2-hub system in the interim (two C8s), and keep one hub for resource-intensive stuff, and the other hub for devices. Thanks again.