Can I migrate just 1 app to C-7 hub vs. a full migration/restore?

I have a C-4 hub with Z-wave devices that I'd like to migrate only selected devices and apps to my C-7 hub. The reason being, I started using my C-7 hub a few months ago and now have 7 new apps and devices on it, while my C-4 has 19 devices and 11 apps. When I bought the C-7, I tried doing a full migration from the C-4 to the C-7, but was not successful. So I just kept the C-4 running until I was able to figure out the best way to move stuff over to the C-7

Now I'm hoping there's a new way I can migrate the C-4 devices and apps to the C-7 hub, without deleting the existing devices and apps on it. From what I've read, though, it's not possible. Although, could Hub Protect do this somehow?

Thanks for any help.

I think the subscription services are for C-5 & C-7 only. You might be out of luck here. One thing you could do maybe is put the app on the C-7 and use HubMesh to link the C-4 devices then move those over when you get a chance.

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Sorry don't want to steer you in the wrong direction - One thing to be careful about is since you are moving things over to the C-7 it requires a strong mesh on it's own...

The standard practice is to do everything at once which is probably the way to go.

When I migrated I setup a "skeleton framework" of repeaters on my C-7 in an outwards pattern from the hub then migrated my devices from the edge of my mesh back towards the hub.. doing this kept both hubs mesh's stable while moving stuff over and buys you some time to work through issues that can crop up.

edit: The good news is you should only have to do this once and the subscription thing should work from there on out..


Hub Protect was created to offer peace of mind in case something goes wrong after the original warranty ends. It comes with a free hub when you need it, and the tools necessary to restore the system with least amount of effort, even when the old hub is not accessible and a local backup doesn’t exist. Its restore capability is for the entire system, with only one optional feature of restoring or not restoring the Z-wave devices (all or none).


Thanks ... I'll probably get Hub Protect in the near future, since it sounds great.

So, to clarify, there's no way to do a "selective" restore, that would only load some of the devices/apps and leave my existing C-7 devices/apps alone?


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That is correct for both local backup, as well as cloud backup under Hub Protect.


That sounds like a good plan. So did you end up having to manually add the devices and apps to your C-7? I've tried using Hub Mesh, by selecting just one device to sync. It then shows up on the C-7. But when I turned off Hub Mesh on the C-7, it greyed out and wouldn't let me save it.

Bummer, but that's what I anticipated.

Is there a way to use Hub Mesh to accomplish this?

Yes but I could take my time with the migration so that helped.

I'm not sure I understand this - you set up hub mesh on the C-7 and expose the devices you want to the C-4, on the C-4 you use HubMesh and choose to get devices from the C-7.. they should just show up as devices on the C-4.

OR the reverse of that - expose C-4 devices to the C-7 ... or both

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Think of Hub Mesh as a bridge between two hubs. You can share devices but not apps. With mesh networks such as Zigbee and Z-wave, the more devices you connect to one radio, the stronger the mesh becomes. Also running two mesh networks (or more) in parallel in the same home, increases the chance of radio interference, which can weaken both networks causing devices to work intermittently or stop working altogether. My recommendation to you is to bite the bullet and bring your 19 devices over to the C7, then rebuild your 11 apps.

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I exposed the C-4 devices to the C-7 and they showed up. I added them individually using step 6 in the linked doc.

Ah okay sorry you were referring to the "hub mesh enabled" option on the device property page.

NOTE: To link to the shared device, you will use the Link to remote devices drop-down list on the hub where you want the linked device to be available as described above in Step 4 .

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Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm struggling with how do I "bring the 19 devices over to the C7". It sounds like I'm missing something obvious.

Yes, I was trying the "hub mesh enabled" option.

Exclude/include for Z-wave, reset for Zigbee.

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Another thing to consider for the truly aspiring and addicted techno-geek - if you want to keep things separated even after migration then consider a multi-hub arrangement. There is a sale going on apparently :wink:

I just picked up 2 more hubs myself...sigh..

My current setup is a C-5 for Zigbee (and temporarily for cloud/network devices since my C-4 died ) and C-7 for Z-Wave. Another great option is by location - my original multi-hub was 2 C-4s, one for the main floor & basement and the other was for upstairs. This was nice because I could bring one hub down without affecting the other (except for shared devices of course). Rules and such stayed local to each hub for the most part.

edit: in all seriousness having a backup hub (and periodic external backups) is a good idea if you are planning on keeping this system for a long time like more than 5 years or so. No telling what direction Hubitat Inc will take in the future and having one on hand can help mitigate any major changes.

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Yeah, I saw the sale and it's pretty tempting.

I think technically I have a multi-hub arrangement, since both the C-4 and C-7 operate independently. Currently, though, it's a mishmash of devices/apps. It would be nice to come up with a logical structure, once I figure this out, or as a backup hub as you suggested.

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Migrate devices manually. It’s the only option available for the devices in your case. You won’t regret the move unless you’re running old Z-Wave devices that cannot be included to a 700 series Z-Wave radio without using S0 security.

For me, it was a bit of work to move, but really worth the effort. Things are very fast and stable.


Thanks ... That sounds like what I'll have to end up doing. I'll just do it gradually. I'm not sure about whether they're old devices. I guess I'll find out, though.

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