Can I have alternate text showing for an Input command?

I've never seen this but I figured I would ask anyway.

Is it possible to have alternate text on the input button similar to the input command?

The way I understand the "command" implementation:

The command line of code will create a entry button/box named (below) "requestMeasRM"

And when and entry is made and the button clicked upon the method named "requestMeasRM" will be executed.

   command "requestMeasRM", ["string"]

Alternately is there a way to create a "dead" command button? I realize a button with a do nothing method might work but I was hoping I could use spaces etc in this button.
I guess essentially is there a way to add a text block to the driver page and or an app page?


Not as far as I know. However the button name should be converted to Request Meas RM but perhaps it can't cope with two adjacent capital letters?

From one of my drivers....

command "getEntryValue", [[name:"lookupKey*", type:"STRING", description:"Key to retrieve the Key:Value pair for"]]

Applications have a way: The link below is to my Application code for Kasa devices. in the method "startPage", there is the following code (edited to simplify):

	return dynamicPage(name:"startPage",
					   title:"<b>Kasa Local Hubitat Integration, Version ${appVersion()}</b>",
					   uninstall: true,
					   install: true) {
		section() {
			input "showInstructions", "bool",
				title: "<b>Page Hints</b>",
				submitOnChange: true,
				defaultalue: true
			if (showInstructions == true) {
				paragraph "<textarea rows=19 cols=66 readonly='true'>${stPgIns()}</textarea>"

The stPgIns() method is at the bottom. It returns a formatted text paragraph for my page. Below is the page itself:

Drivers: There is no explicit nor easy way that I know of (I have tried some). The drivers do not support this type of text blocking. I do use a state to give users a warning on some of my drivers: I have not explored the limitations and issues with this. It is merely a work-> around and may not be good in the long-run.

		state.WARNING = "<b>Quick Polling can have negative impact on the Hubitat " +
			"Hub performance. If you encounter performance problems, try turning " +
			"off quick polling.</b>"
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