Can I have a little help with a alarm rule please

I have a konnected device on my alarm pannel, I am trying to set up a rule.
I think I have a rule working to activate the alarm when the door closes and when the alarm is set as below

the problem with this rule is when the alarm starts it wont turn off by the alarm setting button or the siren control.
I have a basic rule to set the alarm when the door is closed too

I have this siren control as a basic rule as it don't function correctly in rule machine for some reason

is it possible to get all these rule in one or at least get them working correctly?

I think it would be better to just say what you're trying to do instead of providing the not working rules.

Going off what you have, it's like you're trying to set the siren to always go off if the door is opened. I presume that's not the case.

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lol sorry, just trying to get the alarm to work, Here is the rule I came up with this tonight. i haven't tested it out yet, I have also made a rule in homekit to turn the siren off when the alarm button is turned off again not tested, it might be better to keep all the rule in habitat so I may change that part

That still doesn't say exactly what you're trying to do.

when I close the door I want the alarm to set and if motion or the contact is broken I want the alarm to sound, but I still want to be able to deactivate it if the alarm is sounding and I have forgotten to disarm the alarm before opening the door I also want the siren button to function correctly and also deactivate the alarm. I have set up a virtual switch for both the alarm setting and siren control, I spose siren control isn't as important while the alarm is sounding and can just disarm the alarm button before getting the siren control back

I may be dislexic but i am sure you can understand the English word wrote, and there has never been a problem understanding any help I have asked for in the past. This platform isn't becoming like another one that I wont use due to them only excepting any communications in so sort of geek code?


Required Expression:
Garage alarm is on //or whatever you are using to consider the alarm as "armed"

Garage motion active
Garage door contact open

Set off alarm //Add your siren, notifications, etc

I'd have a separate rule for managing the "alarm" status.

I am very sorry i know you have given me many hours of support my attitude is bad sorry. I shouldn't make excuses but I am tired working day and night this week as on callout rota. My life is a mess, I have spent 1000s in a property in don't even own hoping to get clever on this to try and change my life and maybe install smart homes and promote this stuff and I am not clever enough to have a conversation with the clever people I need to teach me how to progress.
I will try your rule thank you for taking time to do this even when I am rude, I will try and change my attitude. As always Hubitat is definitely the best and most reliable smart home platform and you have taught me loads on this platform as i come from no knowledge at all

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I understand. Seems to be something in the atmosphere today. I also woke up in a bad mood along with a few folks that work for me and the wife. It happens.

All I mean to say is that if you are looking for help writing an automation; just keep it simple and post what you are trying to do instead of posting what you think might be a solution. From my perspective, it's a lot more work to try to deduce what you're aiming to accomplish by reverse engineering a rule than to just look at a situation and write a rule around it.


Thank you for being understanding had been in a bad place, work had in my contract that I had to on call all hours when demanded and it was rubbish money. I have to care for my mum and do markets for extra money at the weekend to help pay her bills and work didn't think this was caring for my mum and didn't except my excuse for not doing callout of a weekend so I got the sack lol. In a bit of a better place now but will need to find some work. I will get my head around this alarm rule now and keep you updated, defiantly a priority of mine as I need the alarm system to protect my mums stock.
I had got myself a upgrade on my server and have installed Linux on a intel nuc had been busy getting my head around docker compose and loading different images etc for my cameras
I am going to try and take the opportunity while out of work to try and perfect this smart home for my mum and hopefully get some work installing and promoting the systems.
I may be stupid trying to promote and get work installing smart homes as i am still just learning myself but i am sure i can pull off some basic stuff and if i get people to buy hubitat hubs as a main component for there home i am sure i will get a little extra support if i need to make a unusual rule for a client
I have advertized on facebook to install as a electrian with smart home experience but had 0 interest. Think I need to carry on promoting my FB page aswel with different project i have completed and maybe do a walk through of the smart home when compleated

wiht your help i have

going to give this a test now thank you. What type of rule would you suggest for alarm status I was thinking of just having a notification if the siren is activated

with notifications

will it be possible to make a notification a critical notification in homekit?

I'm no longer using Hubitat and never used the HomeKit integration so I can't help.

no worries good luck

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