Can I Factory Reset my Hub?

I'm off to a rough start with my new hub. First it didn't show up to register for several hours, after emailing support it suddenly appeared, but he doesn't know why. Then after setting up a Simple Lighting automations I noticed the time was off on the hub, so I rebooted to correct it, the zip code, location were correct, not sure why the time as wrong. Then my first Simple Lighting automation wasn't turning off the lights, so I installed RM to try that approach. I then noticed that one of the motion sensors was staying active and figured that was why SL wasn't turning off the lights. I had removed the SL and the RM routines, but when I went to remove the motion sensor to re-add it to see if that would fix it being stuck active, it says the routine I setup was still tied to the motion sensors and lights, even though the routines were deleted in SL and RM. Soooo, I decided to remove the apps, SL and RM. But the routine is still tied to the devices. Here is what I see when I click the link in the device info.

And, for some reason I'm not getting any logs.

So, I'm thinking a factory reset might be the best thing. Is there a way for me to do that?
Or is the situation more dire. :slight_smile:


Obvious question first. Have you updated to the latest firmware? The time bug is an old one.

Logs are realtime, so they only show up if you leave a browser window open ON the live log page.

To delete a routine from a device, select the device, scroll to the bottom, and the routines it's attached to are listed under the In Use By header. You can remove it from there.

It's possible. Support will give you the details, I imagine. It involves creating a completely blank USB thumb drive, adding one specific blank file and the using only that to boot the Hub.

Resetting the USB radio stick takes a different path, but yes, it can be reset too.

You need two browser tabs.. one tab stays on the Log page and will be blank to begin.

There's also a small blue I to the right of every App and Rule and you can delete them from there too.

Yes, I have updated to the latest firmware. When I select the routine it displays what I included in the my first post - theres no option to delete it.

The small blue I doesn't exist because I've removed the routines and the apps. But, the devices still show that they are tied to a routine. When I click to remove it from the device page it displays the screen capture that i included above.

I'm all set. Thanks for the replies!!

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