Can I enable an additional geofence for second hub?

I have seen this issue in multiple posts, so I know it has been discussed. I just installed my second hub. My app connected to the second hub is showing the Gefence for the first Hub. I have read that the second Geofence worked at one time. I need to have a second Gefence to work, so both locations can work wih presence sensing. What is Hubitat's position on this? I have not been able to find anything regarding their statement. The setup instructions for preference refer to multiple hubs, but does not state it will not work on more than one hub. I bought the Hubitat Hub to move this location from ST before they make all their changes, but the Geofence not working is a killer for me. I am considering returning the hub. Has anyone heard or seen what Hubitat's position is on multiple Geofences?

Could you explain your requirement - Iā€™m thinking that this may help us in the community understand what you are looking to do and propose ways to achieve this.

Are you trying to recognize when you are in either of two locations?

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I did have 2 ST hubs set up with Geofences. The systems would arm/disarm based upon our presence at either location. This occurred without any configuration changes to either hub.

Currently, the mobile app connects to a single hub, which provides presence to a device on that hub. There is a single geofence setup in the app to facilitate that. You can share devices between hubs, but you would need a different method of detecting presence on the other hub. You could use WIFI Presence or Life360 presence for example on the second hub, but if you're trying to use the HE Mobile App it can only do the one location.


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