Can I control control lights and android devices together with Hubitat?

Hey there,
So I have a music routine that I'd like to make a one-click thing, just not sure if it's something I am able to do or not. Here's the scene:

  1. I set my smart light to red, nice chill, relaxing hue.
  2. Run a Tasker automation on an old phone that: 1. Connects to my BT soundbar. 2. Opens up MediaMonkey on this phone, and 3. Plays a specific playlist that I have created.

Right now, I do these as two separate actions(And haven't set Tasker to play the playlist in question yet, but that's minor). Are these things that can be integrated together? The phone is ONLY used for music and using Google Home app(Haven't started buying my Z-Wave and Zigbee devices yet), just not sure if these are the types of things that can be done through the Hubitat app, or if possibly Tasker integrates with the hub, and controls this whole thing through there. This one isn't a critical project, just more where I am exploring what I can and can't do, and coming up with all kinds of scenarios. :slight_smile:

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You can probably do something with IFTTT to get the Hubitat talking to the phone, then create a scene that sets the Hue bulb and executes the IFTTT action which triggers your tasker scene on the phone. Once you get that working, get an Aqara zigbee button for your "Make sweet love down by the fire" button.

We know what you're up to, @eyeonyouproductions.